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About Us

POBOX was conceived back in 1993 to offer life-time email address. The domain name pobox.co.uk was chosen as it has a suitably neutral domain not tied to any organisation which makes it suitable for anyone to use.

Initially, we launched a generic (and free) email alias forwarding service (managed through formatted email messages). This has mainly operated the same way ever since.

In 1998, POBOX began offering consultancy services and network assistance to a range of different companies with varying needs.

In 2000, we began to build a humble Internet server presence based at Telehouse in London. By November 2001, we dramatically expanded this server presence to accommodate a number of businesses requiring managed colocation services.

And onwards...

Today, with over a decade of experience in designing and implementing Internet services, we have extended our services to offer co-location facilities to our customers who have grown out of more traditional hosting services. Our network infrastructure and supporting components enable us to accommodate anyone from a business wishing to host an existing commercial grade e-commerce service to an enthusiast looking to launch their latest venture.

We offer a competitive range of Internet services for our customers and have an experienced team to support the infrastructure.

Why are we different?

Our infrastructure is backed up by a technical team who actually designed our services in the first place... so we can actually help effectively when issues arise.