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Everything you need to make your mark on the web !

The Hosting plus offers everything you need to create an internet presence for your family or hobbies, and small to medium businesses.

This web hosting account is exceptional value for money, with unlimited web space, unlimited mailboxes, spam and anti virus filtering, an allowance of up to 10 GB of download traffic to your web site per month, control panels, sub domains, SSL security, databases, and web statistics, all as standard.

POBOX Internet offer a head start into web hosting with a package that contains many options as standard that are expensive extras from other ISP’s!

Buy Now £8.00 per month


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Created for an authoritative presence.

The Hosting 100 account is for the no-compromise user. It is optimised to meet the requirements of websites that have an already established or up and coming large fan/customer database, or have media rich content (ie video/mp3) without incurring large additional costs.


As with all our hosting packages there is unlimited webspace, the bandwidth allowance is increased up to 100GB, unlimited domains, PHP4 or 5, MySQL, SSL security, and databases as standard.  Additional features are available at request.

Buy Now £25.00 per month


Tolerant Hosting PDF Print E-mail
Fault Tolerance enables websites to be continually visible and continue operating smoothly in the event of a partial server or software failure with out any notice to the outside world.

Tolerant Hosting is ideal for those websites that are a valuable part of your business. i.e. E-Commerce enabled sites or sites where your clients have access to frequently updated information.

Recovery from any possible server failure or error is swift and automatic, with our system maintaining backups once a day, guaranteeing recovered data no more than 24 hours old.

Multiple Load Balancers share the grunt work of serving out as many hits as you can generate, keeping speeds high and downtime non-existent!

Advanced Intelligent Firewalls safeguard the whole Tolerant network from abuse, while dedicated system monitoring keeps a constant watch.

Tolerant Hosting £35 Per Month

Please Contact us for more information.