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Written by Mick   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 00:00


Since the begining of 2009 POBOX Internet has been undergoing a complete technology refresh. The current phase has been publishing a new website itself.

After reviewing a number of different solutions we have elected to go with the Joomla CMS. Whilst one function of the website is to allow us to promote what we do. We believe that at least as important if not more so is for us to be able to publish advise and assistance to our customers on how to get the best out of our services.

So what's changed ?

1. We have moved the support elements to the home page.

Whilst it is presumptuious of us to suppose people will always be heading for our homepage when looking for information. A big reason for people to seek out our site is to either find assistance or enquire as to the health of a specific service.

2. The forums are gone.

Over the last 10 years the original purpose of these forums was lost. The main use was for us to make service announcements. So we have created an section in Joomla for us to post announcements.

3. The product waffle has gone.

Whilst opinion can be subjective in this area. We believe that we have removed all the unnecessary waffle and now describe our products more accurately. Including information that is of use to people.

4. Broadband has gone.

We are focusing on our strengths and to that end we are no longer selling broadband. If anyone wishes to approach us on an affiliate basis then please contact us.

5. Plus 50Gig inclusive B/W increased

We have increased the bandwidth included with a 50Gig hosting account. From 50Gig per month to 100Gig per month.

6. Single Mailbox product changes.

We have added a number of additional domains to the mailbox so you now have a choice of 9 different domains. We have also increased the price from £6.00 per year to £12.00 per year.  Updated: price reverted to £6.00 per annum.

7. Virtual Servers have arrived.

We have for some years now been operating Virtual Servers we just haven't promoted this fact. Whist the implementation will be very much hands on to start with we are very well placed to offer this service with various options. Please keep an eye on the sales pages as we'll be updating these as we go along.


Whilst you will need to re-register for an account on the website (not to be confused with product/billing administration). We still actively encourage our customers to submit articles and links to their websites.

Best regards


Last Updated on Sunday, 12 July 2009 12:53